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Everyone from 21 to 70 years old, with a driving license issued at least 24 months before rental start.
During pick up driver must hold an ID card or passport, a valid driving license issued at least 24 months before and a credit card/debit card(NOT Maestro or Visa Electron) on his/her name (VISA, Master Card, Diners, NOT American Express,) for guarantee.
All bookings include basic insurance (CDW), third party insurance, unlimited kilometers, and 24-hours road assistance.
We offer you a wide range of modern cars in every category. You can choose between manual or automatic transition, petrol or diesel engine, or minivans from 7 up to 9 seats.
One-Way rentals are available only between specific Pop Car stations and come with additional cost.
We can deliver/collect a car on specific locations except our offices or airports like hotels, ports, railway stations etc.
This service has an extra cost.
Yes, our cars are allowed to be driven outside the Croatian borders, except few countries like Kosovo, etc.
Yes, although there is an additional insurance coverage for transfer by ferry.
This service is available with extra cost per route, please request this when pick up of the car.
All our rental cars are allowed to be driven on paved roads.
Damages that may be caused from off road driving (wheels, tires, underbody) are not covered by the insurance.
All cars can be driven by up to 3 authorized drivers.
A second driver may be declared during booking or upon pick up.
The additional driver service is available with an extra cost per day and includes the same insurance coverage with the main driver.
Non authorized drivers are not covered by the insurance.
Through our online reservation system you can make a request booking for a car for the next hour.
For last minute bookings you can contact us directly(possible contact via WhatsApp or Viber) and pick up your car in the next 10 minutes (depending on availability).
Yes, you can choose a baby seat during your online reservation. There are available two types of seats depending on your child’s weight: from 0-18kg (up to 4 years old) or 18-36kg (over 4 years old). All baby seats are available with an extra cost per day with a maximum charge of 10 days. The installation is made by the renter.
All our cars include a basic insurance coverage (CDW) with excess amount and third party insurance that covers: a) death or injuries for third parties up to 100.00€, b) material damages of third parties up to 100.000€ (excluding the car od DRIVE).
You can also choose full insurance coverage(SCDW or FDW), at additional cost, depending on the car you have choosen.
The renter must hold a credit card/debit card(NOT Maestro or Visa Electron) on his/her name (VISA, Master Card, Diners, NOT American Express) for guarantee, even if the payment will be in cash.
By signing the rental agreement, the responsibility amount (depending on the car group) will be pre-authorized(blocked) from the credit card/debit card account.
At the end of the rental period, if the car is returned without damage, the amount will be released in full.
If a credit card is not available, the tenant may submit a debit card with sufficient funds for the pre-authorization of liability amount.
Liability amounts are different for each car group, starting from €1070, up to 1600€.
Damages on mechanical parts, wheels, tires, outside mirrors, window glasses, underbody, interior and key, spare tire or tools loss are not covered by the insurance.
If there is a damage when returning a car, the damage is calculated through our official damage pricelist.
Minimum damage charge is €150+VAT and can reach up to €1.600+VAT. Damages on the wheels, tires, outside mirrors, window glasses, underbody, interior and key, spare tire or tools loss are calculated separate to the liability amount of each car group.
Yes. We can offer an additional insurance coverage (FDW or SCDW) with zero or minimum liability amount for car damages.
Choosing this option on your booking or even during pickup at the rental desk, there will not be any pre-authorization(blocking) on your credit card/debit card account for the possible new damage on the car.
The Full Damage Waiver (FDW or SCDW) is offered with an extra cost per day.
The basic and the full insurance coverage (CDW and FDW or SCDW) do not include:

-    damages on wheels and tires
-    broken windows (windscreen and side windows)
-    damages on the under part of the car
-    damages on mechanical parts caused by bas usage
-    refueling errors
-    loss or damage of car key
-    loss of spare tire and relative tools
-    loss of fire extinguisher
-    loss or damage of boot cover
-    damages in the interior
-    special cleaning in case the vehicle is returned extremely dirty inside
-    administrative expenses in case of an accident
-    administrative expenses for any traffic violations (traffic violations are paid separately)

There is no insurance coverage if the tenant drives under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
You can choose on your booking or at the rental desk the following insurance coverages:

- Full Damage Waiver (FDW or SCDW): Zero or minimum liability amount for car damages, depending on car group. Choosing this option there will not be any pre-authorization on your credit card account.
- Theft Waiver (TW): Minimizes the liability amount in case of car loss. The liability amounts depend on the car group and start from 750€+VAT.
- Full Theft Waiver (FTW): Zero liability in case of car loss. Available only for car groups 
All groups
- Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): Covers the tenant up to the amount of 15.000€ for death, total or partial disability and up to 1.000€ for hospital expenses.
- Glass and mirror Protection (GP): Zero liability for damages on vehicle windscreen, side windows and outside mirrors.
During your booking you can choose the following extra features:

- Portable navigation system (GPS): Find your way easy with a portable GPS device. Available on request with an extra charge per day.
- Snow chains: Drive with no risk during the winter period. Available on request with an extra charge per day.
- Additional driver: Authorize another person to drive to your rented car. All authorized drivers are covered by the same insurances with the main driver. Available on request with an extra charge per day.
- Baby seats: According to the law, children must be seated in special seats, depending on their weight. We offer you two types of seats for maximum safety. Available on request with an extra charge per day (maximum charge 10 days).
In case you have additional insurance coverage from your credit card, a third party insurance company or your travel agency you should be aware that we do not assume in any way your compensation.
Any damage or accident should be paid according to the liability amounts per car group and then you can claim for a refund from your insurance.
If you wish not to pay for accidents or damages, you must buy an addition insurance coverage directly from DRIVE.
All our offices are open from 8:00 to 20:00.
You can collect or return a vehicle beyond our operating hours with an extra charge of €40.
When you make a booking - we are no taking any deposits for the reservation.
When picking up the car we are making only one transaction - blocking your credit card/debit card(NOT Maestro or Visa Electron) for the rental price + possible extra costs (like missing fuel, parking tickets, chemical cleaning of the interior, etc).
When you return the car we are making payment from the blocked amount.
If everything is OK with the car we are charging just the agreed amount, and difference is automatically un-blocked by us.  
If your reservation was directly from our website at and you wish to cancel it or change it you can log in to your account and do so.
You can also contact us at +385 91 208 2092(possible over WhatsApp or Viber) or email us at.
If you made the booking through another website or travel agent should respectively contact the responsible agency.
We are not making deposit when booking is made so no worry about cancelation, just notife us that you are canceling the reservation.

Step-by-step advice in case of accident

When considering using a POP CAR on your vacation, it’s important to know what to do in case of a car accident. Nobody wants to get into an accident; especially with a rental car. Provided informations will help you get through the trying times immediately following the accident if you are unfortunate enough to get into on during your vacation.Here are some hints and step-by-step advice to help you know what to do in this situation.

Make sure that everybody is ok and safe.

Call the police and if necessary call ambulance

Call us on one of phones provided by our agent on a pick up.

We have certain procedures that you need to follow in the event of an accident.

Gather information from other driver(s).

Gather information from any witnesses.

Make note of the cars involved.

If possible, take pictures.

Write down what happened.

Remember that the car you’re driving doesn’t belong to you. You need to provide as much documentation as you can. Make sure you give a full statement to the police and obtain a police report along with test.

Involved Driver Information

Information you need to obtain from the other drivers is listed here:

Full name as it appears on the driver’s license.

Address and phone numbers. If residence address is different from mailing, get that too, if you can.

Driver’s license number and vehicle plate number(s)

Insurance information including carrier name and contact information and policy number.

Witness Information

Make note of all the cars involved in the accident and where they are. Include any damage noticed.

Take pictures of all of the cars involved if you have a means to. This way nobody can claim any extra damages.

Written Statement
While the accident is still fresh in your mind, write down what happened to the best of your recollection.
This way, you won’t be able to remember things that didn’t happen when we have to contact insurance companies and explain what happened.